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Photo by Enne Baker

Hello, my fellow poets! So I’ve decided to create my publication that will allow only a specific kind of poetry — and that is personification poems. I call this publication “White Objects” because I associated the color white as innocence, meaning that any object is innocent before its owner’s point of contact, though depending on the intention.

For those of you who have read my work, I’m sure you have noticed this writing pattern about inanimate objects; well, there is a reason for it, alright! One of my favorite things about poetry is how we have the power to breathe life into anything, so I figure that I create a space to highlight it. …


A Healer’s Poem

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Photo by Ruben Hutabarat on Unsplash

You don’t need to thank
Me, this is my role

After all. I know it’s not the
Most exciting thing

In the world, but I would
Take being needed than for

Your entertainment. This is
Real-life, it’s real as a bleeding

Heart and brain that I’m closing
With my magic. I could now

See petty jealousy coming
From your eyes, for also

Wanting to be a nurse, a doctor,
Anything that’s medical, but how

Shameful it is, your fear of blood,
Except for your own. You know only know

How to open up to yourself,
Until one day, the cut from my…

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Photo by melih bakır on Unsplash


A Dangerous Upward Spiral

I’ve been walking up and down,
Across the street from the music that
Was playing, the dark jazz melody.

Little did I know it, but I’ve been walking
Up and down, unwilling to leave the space
Of my dreams that I’ve been dreaming
Day and night and today.

I could have fulfilled my dreams,
But I chose to be awake to dance
Around in the house of broken dreams,
I’ve already failed.

What else is there to lose? …


Enne Baker

Montenegrin American poet 🇲🇪🇺🇸

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