“The White Colossus” Is Available Now in Paperback

By Enne Baker

I never thought this day would come.

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Photo by Enne Baker


Hello, my fellow poets! So I’ve decided to create my publication that will allow only a specific kind of poetry — and that is personification poems. I call this publication “White Objects” because I associated the color white as innocence, meaning that any object is innocent before its owner’s point of contact, though depending on the intention.


For those of you who have read my work, I’m sure you have noticed this writing pattern about inanimate objects; well, there is a reason for it, alright! One of my favorite things about poetry is how we have the power to breathe…


A Poem

Photo by analuisa gamboa on Unsplash

How could this not be enough
To kill me?

There’s so much I can take.
I can still feel

Pain, why must I still
Be alive.

Damn, stupid, body, you’ve
Decided to be strong now?

Let me take a thousand.

I can cross here,
Away from the hold from

The fleshed-out-hand
Called life.

I can sleep, thank goodness.
I’ve been told by those

Who died in minutes felt
Like sleep.

And they were right,
The blackness, and

Being conscious, is the kind
Of hell.

I was not expecting, only left
With regrets that I could

Have done when previously

Enne Baker

Montenegrin American poet. Alma mater is Queens College. Author of “The White Colossus.”

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