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My First Poetry Book

Back on June 9th, The White Colossus was published as a paperback, and ever since then, I have made it my mission to have an ebook accessible for everyone.

For those interested in the paperback form, please understand that it’s constrained to a few countries because the book is customized…

Submission Guidelines Are Below! (Please Read before Commenting)

Photo by Enne Baker


Hello, my fellow poets! So I’ve decided to create my publication that will allow only a specific kind of poetry — and that is personification poems. …

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A Poem

The way the Wednesday clouds
Looked when they buried
The sun and resembled ballistic
White smoke as the sun burst through
And burnt through like fire to paper
Balls, unscrambling to black smoke,
After the last raindrop that landed and
Exploded on the standing blades of grass into folds,
My tears poured like the rain until the clouds…

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A Poem

Three is my favorite number.
It’s the final number that comes after death,
It’s the third month after my birth,

Three days before the borderline of
The end of the month,
The third year of the decade,

Twenty three was when I grew older
It was when I obtain education,
It was…

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A Poem

I am scooped by the Big Dipper
And taken across the sky that
Resembles a well.
The world turns off like going
The shooting stars fall silent like
Violent silencers.

Orion, my only familiar.
Perhaps it is shy of my
Galactic pondering.
Adventures are not always
For the eyes to meet, I pondered

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A Poem

I am type, world.
I should be a negative.

I’m a negative of a
Person, there’s nothing behind

My eyes, I’m not solid,
Like the rock of the

World, like the earth’s
Core mantel. I have a

Loosened heart, loose enough
That many in the world

Would appreciate my spillage,
To those who need to drink

It, as I crystallize in ashes.
I have my father’s blood,

We have the same blood type,
Like him, I am too stubborn for

My own good.
I am as hardheaded as the ball

Of the letter O.
I may have a common blood

Type, I may be ordinary in a
World where people want to be

Special, but I am content being
A healthy blood packet, filling up the

Bodies of strangers each day.

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A Healer’s Poem

You don’t need to thank
Me, this is my role

After all. I know it’s not the
Most exciting thing

In the world, but I would
Take being needed than for

Your entertainment. This is
Real-life, it’s real as a bleeding

Heart and brain that I’m closing
With my magic. I…

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A Poem

Arctic wildlife of Norway, the candy
Aurora Borealis in the form of tiny circular orbs,
The cold white sugar snow, frosted
Between the walls and door — the home, buried
Shut in avalanche, the Norway rock
And bricks, which has formed
And was sculpted into a sweet
Chocolate-coated roof, black as soil
The white swirl from
The blizzard surrounding…

Enne Baker

Montenegrin American poet. Alma mater is Queens College. Author of “The White Colossus.”

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